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'Of Country & Coast'

Hello! On this page you can shop my collection currently exhibiting on the walls at Friends of Ham, Ilkley.


The exhibition will show for three weeks from 3rd - 23rd October 2023.  All purchased pieces will remain on the wall until the end of the exhibit after which we can arrange delivery.  


FRAM 23.jpg

About the exhibit

It's so good to be back again this year with an 8-piece exhibit I've created especially for Friends Of Ham, Ilkley.

Named 'Of Country and Coast', four pieces depict the countryside setting of Ilkley and The Dales, and four pieces speak to our closest Yorkshire coastlines.

Like the ever-changing landscapes, the pieces are earthy, vibrant, and textural. In addition to acrylic paint, I've layered up medium paste to create a 3D depth in the pieces. Lit well these features come alive in a way that doesn't quite happen the same using paint.

True to my playful style, you'll find neon red accents in all the pieces, and dots for no reason other than 'just because'.  You'll also see the blackened, raw colours of burned palo santo wood, marks of footprints, and accents of gold.


Vintage Maps

Using vintage maps in my art has become a signature feature of mine. To that end, six of the eight collection contain a map; the others feature another 'extra' I like to use, beach sand!

Unlike last year's 'Height of Land In Feet' exhibit which was totally abstract, seven of the eight pieces this year are (should be) recognisable as places. This is both the combination of growth and confidence in my painting practice, and the result of listening to customers at the Filey Pop-Up Gallery.


Thanks for being here, hope you enjoy browsing the collection and as always, just shoot me an email if there's anything you want to ask or run by me.


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