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Height of Land in Feet

Here you can shop my exhibition currently on the walls at Friends of Ham, Ilkley.


About the exhibit

When Friends Of Ham asked me to exhibit, I wanted to create a collection that reflected this Yorkshire setting.


Here in the heart of the countryside, the ever-changing landscape is quirky, rich and textural.


Recent years have turned even more of us into outdoorsy folk.  Alongside the hikers and bikers, the casual dog walkers and hardcore cycling fanatics, it's safe to say that many of us have a new-found appreciation for the views on our doorstep.


In my art practice, I like to use vintage maps. The name: 'Height of Land In Feet' comes from the 'key' colour indicator used on one of the maps showing the height of the land -not something we readily see on digital maps!


Each of the 8 pieces contains a map of a place in Yorkshire.


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